Gwyneth PaltrowIn a recent missive from the GOOP desk, Gwyneth Paltrow says she's committing to a new diet and exercise regimen after a holiday season spent indulging. Los Angeles magazine's Mary Melton will be trying on Gwyneth's restrictive regimen for size next week -- and blogging about it.

We're not sure that we could personally subsist on a diet that appears to restrict 99 percent of food fit for human consumption from entering our faces for seven long days. (Including, weirdly, all foods from the "nightshade" group -- a category which must have been cut off on our copy of the food pyramid.)

This diet is clearly healthier than the Master Cleanse, but it still doesn't sound like a bundle of fun. The blueberry almond smoothie for breakfast? Sounded yummy, until we saw a picture of it.

We can't wait to stay if Melton makes it through the week and still types straight. We'll be cheering her on from the sidelines, hot dog in hand.