Lindsay Lohan in leggingsWe're just catching up on this, but apparently Lindsay Lohan has the occasional fat day. Huh. Maybe the stars really are like us!
Yeah, so when Linds is feeling "heavy thighed" she likes to throw on a pair of $100 leggings and a big sweater. How real. Except for a couple of things...

We feel compelled to point out that:

a) Lindsay has been so skinny in the past few years that she is subject of constant rumors about either anorexia/drug abuse,

b) she's all legs -- look at her red carpet pix! and

c) loose sweaters and leggings don't camouflage anything!

Seriously, if you have a big caboose and/or jiggly saddlebags, a pair of structured jeans and a fitted -- but not tight -- top looks a million times better than leggings.

Look, the only people who can get away with that "casual dancer" look are dancers, or people built like dancers: leggy, bulimic and scrawny. Lindsay should be grateful she has the metabolism, or discipline, or whatever it is that keeps her from putting on a bunch of booze weight.

But you know, sorry to hear she feels fat.

LIndsay Lohan is Leggy

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