Rachael RayNow here's someone you don't expect to see nude -- your day time cooking show host. Lucky for you, Rachel Ray is going to defy the odds. Well, actually the nudity isn't Rachel's doing. An artist named Alex Gardega will be making a painting of the celebrity chef san clothes.

The portrait will be 6 foot tall of Rachael in the buff. And get this -- he'll be mixing paprika with various oils to create realistic looking skin tones! Maybe Rachael will join him in the studio to help him get the recipe just right.

Are You Excited For Rachael's Nude Painting?

Rachael RayRachael RayRachael RayRachael RayRachael Ray

We love Rachael and her cooking, but seeing her nakey kind of makes us uncomfortable. It feels a bit like seeing your mom or your sister in the buff -- you just don't want to go there.
Are you excited to see Rachael Ray's nude body?
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Nay, oh dear God, nay.208 (10.6%)

Via I'm Not Obsessed.