When it comes to hair products, our opinion is equally divided between "drugstore practical" and "pricey salon splurge". And given the state of the economy, we must admit that lately drugstore brands like Pantene have been showing up in our shower with increasing regularity.

We were pleased to discover that we're in good company. Style arbiter Stacy London from TLC's What Not to Wear, with her gorgeous brunette mane, is the star of Pantene's latest campaign. And if Stacy endorses something, then you better believe it's effective. Who -- or what -- would dare to fail Stacy?

You don't have to take Stacy's word for it. As part of the campaign, Pantene went out and did a blind test of women who use salon brands, and asked them if they'd switch to Pantene. The majority of the women said yes.

And check out this "how to" video from the campaign. It's laughable to think that you could actually replicate this at home -- note that there are two stylists blowing out this woman's hair, plus an assistant who's only job appears to be handing over bobby pins. But it's always fun to see the steps broken down, and the fabulous results!

Stacy London, Fashionista and Style Guru

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