Lanvin $600 dollar sneakersUnder the best of the circumstances, $600 dollar sneakers would be suspect. But, right now, with the economy the way it is, Alber Elbaz is just rubbing salt in the collective middle class wound by hawking these ridiculously expensive tennis shoes.

Clearly though, the clientele Lanvin caters to aren't the kinds of people who are cutting back right now. Since recessions always hurt the lowest on the totem pole first, we're sure there are plenty of socialites, heiresses or Hollywood A-listers who wouldn't mind plopping down a couple hundred on these pink babies.

$600 Sneakers by Lanvin

Lanvin SneakersLanvin SneakersLanvin SneakersLanvin SneakersLanvin Sneakers

But, here's the kicker -- they're not even cute enough to be truly covetable. Anyone who buys them is clearly making the purchase simply to say, "I'm so freaking rich that I'm going to get these shoes just because I can."

The bottom line is -- we're not sold unless the sneakers are made of solid gold and have the ability to transport us through time. Until then, nobody, not even Lanvin, is prying a month's rent out of our hands for some lousy satin gym shoes.

Via Fashionista.