Just when we're starting to feel a bit sad for Madonna, she reinvents herself and starts making news for, get this -- looking her age!

(You might wonder how we could possibly feel bad for Madonna, but we say how could we not? With a failed marriage under her belt and her desperately shoving her crotch in our faces coupled with her ability to make even Louis Vuitton look tacky it's a long way down from her reign as Queen of Everything. We may be snarky, but we do have a heart. Sometimes.)

Madonna was photographed this weekend looking absolutely fantastic in a black coat and satin pumps, and with the most glamorous accessory of all: A mysterious young hottie by her side. Might this man be the secret to her glowing skin? Inquiring minds want to know!

Looks like dear old Madge is having a grand time getting back in the saddle. Let's hope she's finally over the crotch flashing!