In regular life, we are all about the casual chic of a tousled up-twist or a half-pulled through pony-tail. But we were appalled at the number of actresses who showed up for the Golden Globes with hair that can only be described as messy.
Drew Barrymore's "Back Seat Wrestling Classic" look was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe after a particularly bad brawl with the Secret Service. Debra Messing sported a "Tumbleweed Ponytail" from the Jessica Simpson cheap synthetic hair collection. And Renee Zellweger's hair -- which inexplicably looked crunchy and greasy at the same time -- got worse as the night progressed, defying logic and our imagination.

Ladies! Why go faux casual for a formal occassion? Why show up for an internationally televised event looking as if you've just come from a particularly vigorous session of "playing doctor" with your limo driver? Why make yourself look so slatternly on purpose?

We work in our pajamas, and rarely leave the house. However, if we are ever up for an award with the cameras rolling and the free world watching, you can be darn sure we'd get a professional blow out, with enough hairspray and bobby pins to keep everything smooth and in place for the duration.

To all of the actresses who failed to make such an appointment, we can only say: StyleFoul!

Messy Hair at the 2009 Golden Globes

Renee Zellweger at 2009 Golden GlobesDebra Messing at 2009 Golden GlobesSandra Bullock at 2009 Golden GlobesEva Mendes at 2009 Golden GlobesDrew Barrymore at 2009 Golden Globes