We believe our friend Alisyn best summed up the style paradox that is Mickey Rourke when she exclaimed, "He has a porn 'stache, dead teeth and a manicure!"
Mickey really brought his A Game to the Golden Globes this year. His jacket was black velvet, his scarf sequined, and his highlights greasy. And did you catch his accessories? Purple velvet slippers, sans socks, a wallet chain, and of course his ubiquitous shades, which do nothing to conceal the gleam of insanity -- or is it genius? -- that lurks in his eyes.

As with all great personalities, it was his performance last night that set him apart from the pack. When Mickey won the award for Best Actor in a Drama, he:

  • stumbled up the stairs, but hey man, they were pouring the champagne all night long!
  • used the word "balls" at least twice, and he wasn't talking about juggling, if you know what we mean
  • thanked his dogs, including the dead ones
  • was beeped out for an extended period of time

Mickey is a personality, the likes of which we see all too rarely these days. To quote Alisyn again, "The only way he could have topped himself was to turn around and punch Rumer Willis. In the boob."

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