Hey doc, my lashes are a little under the weather. Got anything for me?

Soon, your doctor will take that question seriously.

The New York Times reported today that Allergan, the company the brought us Botox, will be introducing the lash growth drug Latisse by month's end. It's the first federally approved prescription drug for growing longer, thicker lashes.

At $120 for a one month supply (that's $4/day), Latisse will be considered a cosmetic enhancement by most insurance companies and therefore not covered. But for the biggest beauty addicts who regularly shell out thousands on Botox and Restylane treatments, along with pricy anti-aging creams, $120/ month is a small price to pay for the lashes you've always dreamed of (here, here, says me!).

According to some analysts, Latisse will not be a big game changer due to it's price. Clearly, these experts are men who most likely already have a long, fluttery fringe (because it's one of the great inequities of beauty that men always have longer lashes then women. Always).

I'm predicting this stuff is on like donkey kong. Because it actually works.

Allergan held a clinical trial with about 280 volunteers, half of whom used Latisse daily for 16 weeks. The study results were reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, which approved the drug in late December. In that study, eyelashes typically grew 25 percent longer, 106 percent thicker and 18 percent darker.

While 3.6 percent of patients experienced eye itching and red eyes, none had a change of eye color - a purported side effect of the glaucoma drug Lumgan, from which Latisse's main ingredient was derived. As we've mentioned, Latisse is comprised basically of the same formula as this treatment for glaucoma.

Interested? We are too. Here, we've got your top questions on Latisse, answered. So what do you think? Are longer lashes are worth $4/day?

In the meantime, check out these celebs, whose fabulous fringe we hope to have....starting later this month.

We Want Their Lashes!

    We can't get over singer Katharine McPhee's flirty eyelashes. We want them. Bad.

    Jeffrey Mayer, WireImage

    We think actress Penelope Cruz's full lashes are caliente!

    Rob Loud, Getty Images

    Demi Moore's lashes are yet another reason to love the never-aging beauty.

    Jon Furniss, WireImage

    We wish we had fashion entrepreneur and actress Ashley Olsen's eye-popping lashes.

    Jamie McCarthy, WireImage for Van Wyck & Van Wyck

    We envy "Material Girl" Madonna's wingtip eyelashes.

    James Devaney, WireImage

    Rebecca Romijn's twin girls are lucky to have a mom with lashes like these.

    Steve Granitz, WireImage

    Heroes star Hayden Panettiere's wispy lashes aren't some supernatural effect. They are the real deal!

    Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic

    Calvin Klein Jean's new face Kate Bosworth's lashes go well with a pair of great denim.

    Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic

    It isn't just Heidi Klum's long legs that make the Victoria's Secret Angel stand out on the catwalk. It's those lush lashes!

    Hannes Magerstaedt, Getty Images

    We love how fashion icon and actress Mary-Kate Olsen's girly eyelashes mesh well with her tomboy style.

    Kevin Mazur, WireImage