opi 90210 collectionWay back in July, you know, when Lehman Brothers was still standing and we had yet to be introduced to the Alaskan phenom known as Sarah Palin, we reported that OPI was in the process of creating a nail collection inspired by the highly anticipated resurrection of 90210.

Well, the fruits of that collaboration have finally come to light in the form of three different nail lacquer shades. Their names? A purple shimmer called Queen of West Web-erly, a lollipop red called Sweet as Annie-thing, and a ruby red hue called Pretty & Privileged. Just in case you haven't been keeping up with the show, the three main female stars are named Silver, Annie, and Naomi.

90210 by OP
I can be found wherever OPI nail lacquers can be found. Meanwhile, Essie has taken it upon itself to create a nail polish inspired by 90210 as well. The metallic red nail paint aptly called Love, Beverly Hills can be found here.