Jeremy Piven adjusts his tie on the red carpetAlthough award show men's attire is almost invariably dull and homogenized, it still plays a role in the important art of score-keeping between competing designers. So, what happens when two designers can't agree on who dressed an A-lister at the Golden Globes? That's what happened with Jeremy Piven's wardrobe at Sunday's awards. John Varvatos and Domenico Vacca both took credit for Piven's suit via press releases from their PR departments. So, who really designed it?

According to Vacca's press release, Piven wore "a black single breasted hidden 3 button fold over blazer and white Egyptian Cotton 2 button collar shirt" and an alligator watch from Domenico's men's collection. Varvatos' release had Piven wearing a "black, wide-notch lapel tuxedo with a white dress shirt from ... John Varvatos."

When there's a dispute in the fashion world, there's no challenge flag, no booth review. Even Vacca's spokesperson couldn't tell for certain by looking at the red carpet photos which designer's tuxedo jacket Piven was wearing, since men's awards show jackets are seemingly indistinguishable.

Oddly enough, there was no Ashton Kutcher involved and the whole thing didn't turn out to be a prank, but rather just a last minute mix up. As it turns out, both press releases where right -- sort of. An email from Piven's publicist sorted it all out: the jacket was Vacca and the pants were Varvatos. Mystery solved.

[via Jezebel]