oprah with her flip cameraDigital video cameras like the HD Flip Mino are so light and portable -- plus stylish -- that it's almost silly not to bring them everywhere with you. Just like a cellphone, you can even customize them with your own image or design. And these days everyone has one.
The What the Flip site lets amateur videographers to post their brilliant clips online for the whole world to see, and some of them are surprisingly clever. Plus, we know that Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton and Oprah have their own Flip cameras, and that's the footage we're dying to see!

We're sure Oprah will have her Flip in her bag at the Inauguration. we can hope she will post her personal experience -- without the big camera crew, just her in the moment with the crowd, and of course the Obamas -- on a site. It would be so cool if the campaign handed out commemorative Flips designed with the Obama logo on them and encouraged supporters upload their Inauguration experience to the Obama site?

So many possibilities with that little 3 oz digital camera. Are you ready for your close up?