Celebrity Fashion Ads

    Fergie for M.A.C.'s VIVA GLAM collection
    Fabulous, feathered, and just a little airbrushed.

    MAC Cosmetics

    Katie and Posh's Dueling Ads
    We know it's tough to tell the difference, but that's Katie Holmes on the left for Miu Miu and Victoria Beckham baring (nearly) all for Giorgio Armani. The campaigns launched within days of one another -- so the question is: who's hotter?

    Miu Miu/Armani

    Madonna for Louis Vuitton
    Anyone else tired of the trademark Madonna crotch shot?

    Louis Vuitton

    Kirsten Dunst for Miu Miu
    We prefer Katie Holmes, hands down.

    Miu Miu

    Heidi Klum for Jordache
    The jean company was apparently trying to target the "hot mom" demographic.


    Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur
    Arguably the iconic lingerie maker's most famous star.

    Kate Moss

    Liv Tyler for Gap
    The actress helped boost the fledgling brand as it tried to overhaul its image.

    Liv Tyler

    Maggie Gyllenhaal for Agent Provocateur
    No stranger to seduction, the Secretary star was stunning in this sexy lingerie.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal

    Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein
    The TV ads for this campaign are so racy that they were banned in the US (and then subsequently made famous on the Internet).

    Eva Mendes

    Scarlet Johansson for Louis Vuitton
    Is there ever a moment when ScarJo doesn't look absolutely gorgeous?

    Louis Vuitton

We already know Fergie loves cosmetics by M.A.C. -- after all, it's the brand she chose to wear for her recent wedding. But, M.A.C. also loves Fergie -- she's the current face of their VIVA GLAM collection, and the ads show a fabulously feathered Fergie. And, unless M.A.C. does a better job at hiding flaws than we thought, there was a wee bit of airbrushing going on, too.

The shots, as you can see in the gallery, are sexy and surreal (and kind of makes us wish we had occasion to wear feathered corsets). And as hot as the photos are, they weren't taken strictly to garner attention for the VIVA GLAM line -- she's promoting a limited edition cosmetic for the company to help HIV/AIDS Awareness charities. The singer hopes this will help educate her fans about the dangers of the disease.

You know, we'd like to be all upset about the photoshopping being done here -- she's a beautiful woman wearing a ton of makeup to begin with -- but we think we're just becoming numb. And the fact is, if they hadn't airbrushed her, somebody would probably be writing about the fact that she didn't look like a dewy 20 year old. We're just going to focus on where to get one of those feathered numbers.