Agent Provocateur Virgins campaignBecause sexy models in skimpy lingerie are so pure, Agent Provocateur has just released a new and extremely steamy campaign for their Virgin Collection.

In spite of the fact that in the past the company has used big names like Kate Moss and Peaches Geldof to hawk their products, this time they're counting on the ads being racy enough to garner up lots of press -- and it's working, because here we go again covering them!

AP *Ahem, Virgins


But, we have to say that we're sort of let down by this AP collection. It's nothing super original, or so pretty that's it's a must-have. And it's definitely not virginal, that's for sure!

Really though, our biggest bone to pick is simple -- these photos represent the timeless conundrum for females around the world. We're held up as sex symbols and then torn apart for our sexuality. Putting a model in nipple tassels and then calling her virginal just continues to legitimize these unrealistic expectations for women.

Via Luxist.