Michelle Obama, a woman with every designer in the world at her finger tips, chose to wear Narcisco Rodriguez at the "We Are One" pre-inaugural concert. You might remember this is the same designer she wore as her husband Barack accepted the Democratic Party nomination for president late last year. See below how you can get the look!

The consistently simple cut of Michelle's clothing, the fact that they are nearly always American designers and their affordability factor make them completely accessible to anyone -- an important connection between Michelle and the legions of American's who look up to her. But the powerful colors she chooses, including yellow, this year's "it" color, certainly sends a message that's a fashion-forward First Lady.

In a time when change is necessary, Michelle shows us women just how to look intelligent, comfortable, and confident all in one shot – reasonable price tag included.

Want Michelle's look? Keep cuts simple but go bold with prints and color. Also keep it in the US and choose American designers. Try shopping Ikram, a Chicago based store where she buys many of her pieces including Isabelle Toledo and Maria Pinto. You can also try Thakoon at Target for a Michelle look for much less. Lastly, shop good, old J. Crew – the spot where she got her famous "Tonight Show" wardrobe, wherein she told Jay Leno, "You can get some good stuff online."