t3 featherweight hair dryerWe're fans of high-end hair tools like Chi flat irons and curling irons. But for some reason we still have a $25 Clairol hairdryer from Walgreens. Even though it smells like toast when we use it (that's bad, right?) we never got around to replacing it. But now we know, it's time for a change.

Our eyes were opened when we tried out the T3 Tourmaline Ionic Featherweight hair dryer. We had no idea drying your hair could be like this. The T3 is so light! Fast! Quiet! No toast smell!

The magic inside is crushed tourmaline jewels that emit "negative ions and far-infrared heat". We have no idea what that means in science terms, but when you translate it into style speak it goes something like this: Your hair looks great in just a few minutes!

When you're ready to make the investment in a serious hairdryer that you will love-love-love, look no further than the T3 Tourmaline Ionic Featherweight. You'll enjoy hair happiness for years!