Taylor MomsenTaylor Momsen wears a mullet on TV. She's been in the blind items for drug abuse, even though she's only 15 years old. She's already dabbling in the crazy world of designer clothes -- and who can blame her, being surrounded by the insane outfits on Gossip Girl? With all of this, some are ready to say that she's playing out of her league. But, Taylor thinks she's ready for the big time.

When asked about her foray into the world of fashion Taylor responds with, "I love Alexander Wang! Oh, and I love Balmain and this new indie designer named Gary Graham. I discovered him; he's so edgy and different. I like the high-end people -- YSL, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana. I try not to leave the house without thinking of how I am going to present myself. It's the way I am. But I'm not a little kid playing dress up. It's all very real."

Little J Has Big Style

Taylor MomsenTaylor MomsenTaylor MomsenTaylor MomsenTaylor Momsen

Can you imagine being 15 and name dropping those designers -- because you've worn them before and possibly even met them? We can't! But, Taylor does seem to have a distinct sense of style and own her wardrobe the way other baby stars don't -- i.e. Dakota Fanning.

She seems to have one toe in adulthood already -- which makes us a nervous. Do we have a potential Britney Spears or Kate Moss on our hands? Or will Taylor grow up to be a fashion darling without all the perils that fame implies? We can only hope for the latter.