...and then Tom Cruise said to Hugh Jackman, "Hugh, will you accept this rose?"
No, no, just kidding, Tom and Hugh aren't really appearing on The Bachelor: Celebrity Edition, a reality show we just made up.

Probably some fan (perhaps Mr. Satan Eyes standing behind that "blond" chick?) gave this long stemmed rose to Tom, who almost certainly turned around and gave it to Katie. You know, regardless of who he'd really like to ask to stay in the Bachelor Mansion for another week.

Now, back to StyleFoul work!

Tom Cruise looked very dapper and crisp at the German premiere of Valkyrie, the film where he plays a German officer who made a thwarted attempt to kill Hitler. Oops, sorry if we just ruined the ending for you.

Pretty much everyone else on the red carpet? They looked sloppy, crazy or bundled up to survive a particularly informal winter. We are especially disappointed because the delightful German tradition of serious black leather appears to have been simply ignored in favor of bulky, ugly knits.

Katie Holmes wore a dreadfully droopy black v-neck dress, accessorized with too dark eye makeup. And it takes a lot to make us call out someone for a heavy hand with the smudgy shadow and black liner.

The rest of the style miscreants are a "Who's That?" of European actors and tv presenters. We think. They were so yucky we didn't bother looking them up on Wikipedia. We hope they go away, or at least stay in Germany.

Practically Everyone Except Tom Cruise at the German Valkyrie Premiere - StyleFoul!

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