YSL concealerWhen shopping for concealer should you buy it a shade or two lighter than your skin tone? While we have been taught this method by some beauticians, others say...

No way! Unless you're going for that raccoon look.

We get it – buy it lighter because when the dark circles mix with the light concealer, it will even out to your skin tone. But no. Instead, get a concealer that is yellow based (no matter what your skin tone) to better hide dark circles and/or a green based one for zits. The complementary colors (like red zits with green concealer) will neutralize each other. And one with light reflecting particles -- even better. Try YSL's infamous Touche Eclat (pictured) for the ultimate concealer indulgence.

And don't go at it alone. Plenty of beauty stores like Sephora and Nordstrom will allow you to test products before you buy, all with the help of a trained makeup artist.