Eva Mendes
AskMen released their ninth annual "Most Desirable Women" list, and one of this year's most overexposed (in every way) women took the top spot. That's right -- more than 10 million voters ranked women who represented their idea of a perfect wife or girlfriend, and the oft-nude Eva Mendes was named Numero Uno. (Check out all 99 here -- and WTH? Kate Winslet is number 99? How did you people vote?)

To be honest, when we've seen and read interviews with her, she seems nice enough. Maybe not terribly exciting, but we'd probably have a good time with her. And, of course, girlfriend is hott, which we're sure was one of the biggest factors in the voting. Because, really, who's ideal mate is anything short of stunning?

Formerly "Desirable" Women


We're not sure we agree, but, then again, next year, she'll probably drop out of the top 10. That's what happened to 2007's winner, Beyoncé, as well as last year's winner, Katherine Heigl. What do you think?
Is Eva your dream girl?
Definitely. Eva is number one in my book!13 (36.1%)
Meh. I wouldn't kick her out of bed, I guess.8 (22.2%)
Nope, not even close.13 (36.1%)
She's not it, but I'll tell you who is in the comments.2 (5.6%)