Paris Hilton in leather at SundanceLet us just start off by clearing one little thing up. Paris Hilton does not even have a film playing at Sundance right now. She's there just to ... fill her greedy little hands with free stuff and wear pink bunny hoodies.

And Miss Hilton has been hardcore hitting up the schwag suites. She attended one and left with 30 bags stuffed full of things from Whiting and Davis, who makes metal mesh material and accessories. Has the word unnecessary ever been more appropriate?

Hollywood Life House, who represented the gifting suite which Paris robbed attended said that she did this "without shame."

"Celebs" at Sundance

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Shame, Paris, shame! If you're going to be greedy, you should, at the very least, be ashamed of your actions!

And really, what does this say about the state of Sundance? We're taking this to mean that the festival has basically been taken over by f-listers. Sayonara, prestige, hello P. Hilt!

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