If you were thinking what we were thinking during Tuesday's Inaugural Celebration, you had to be wondering: what's the deal with Aretha Franklin's crazy hat with a gigantic freaking bow on it? Well, here's your answer. The hat was handmade by Detroit-based milliner (fancy word for hat maker, we had to look it up) Luke Song. Apparently, Aretha is a regular customer, and she stopped in last week to find a hat with a big bow for the big day.

OK, we made up the part about her actually seeking out a hat with a giant bow -- she apparently picked that one out by sheer happenstance (or was it fate?). According to Song: She actually had three to choose from for that day, but went with her second choice. It probably looked better on camera."

The ribbon and trim running around the gray felt hat were hand decorated with authentic Swarovski crystals. What's the price tag on that headgear? A modest $179.

Apparently, Song's hats are popular in New York, California, and the Southern States, where he sells them under the moniker Mr. Song. That's just in case you want to run out and buy one. On an related note, we though Aretha rocked My Country 'Tis of Thee like we never thought it could be rocked.

Aretha's Hat - Fantastic or Freakish?
She looked great!649 (41.9%)
The bow was ridiculous572 (36.9%)
What's the big deal? It's just a hat328 (21.2%)