Dammit, we hate when this happens.

As a rule, we find Angelina Jolie irritating. And just last Tuesday we called her out for a Golden-Girls-esque StyleFoul at the Berlin premiere of "The Curious Case of blah blah blah the title is as long as the freaking movie".

Then last night they turned up at the film's premiere in Paris and we are forced to admit that she and the Pitt-ster somehow pulled off seriously elegant, striking, matching pale grey outfits. Yes! Matching!

We don't know how this happened, or even why we like her silvery ensemble so much. Or why it's okay that the two of them totally match, like some lovely dovey high school couple, or aging tourists from Kansas. But we do, and it is.

Her coat looks so soft that it could be made of 200% cashmere, and yet it is not slouchy at all. The color makes her hair look dark and glossy, and her coordinating wide-legged pants are tailored to exactly the right length to keep them from eating her feet, as they did in Germany.

Brad also looks fantastic, clean even, in his three-piece suit and silver tie. And we are just overwhelmed by the grey scarf he's carrying. It's dapper. He totally reminds us of Bob Redford here. Yes, really.

That said, she can wipe the superior look right off her face. Yeah, this round goes to her, but we're not like her fans now or anything. We just like her outfit. For once. Okay?

Brad Pitt - Accessories Man

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