He's hot. He's handsome. He ... left his fly down. Awkward. Not so sexy now, are you Pitt? And hey, while we're on the subject, here's a thought ...

Angelina, how about instead of concentrating so hard on populating planet earth, you help Brad shave off that child molester mustache (come on dude, Michael Jackson has the same one!) and tell him his fly is down before he leaves the house. XYZ is just common courtesy.

Underwear Oops

    Bra straps showing? Visible panty lines? Muffin top?
    As the following celebrity examples illustrate, even a picture perfect outfit can be ruined by the wrong undergarments. But these common "undies oops" are easily avoided. Melissa Foss shows what you can learn from these stars' foundation faux pas.

    London Entertainment/ Splash | Flynet

    VPL- Visible Panty Lines
    Alert: Always check your rear view in a 3-way-mirror! Even a skinny minnie, fashion-forward celeb like Teri Hatcher isn't immune. While thongs have a reputation for curtailing this issue, it's actually the under-rated boy shorts that prevent a VPL catastrophe.


    "Boy shorts were invented to solve this problem," says Heide Kennedy, stylist for the chic sample sale site, Savvy (www.Savvy.com). Choose a pair that are smooth, not lacy, to sport under workout gear, skirts, pants, and even jeans. You think you look good arriving? Now you know you look great leaving too.
    Elle Macpherson Intimates Distinction Boy Shorts, $24, www.barenecessities.com

    The "SAG" awards - Get A Little Support For Your Friends
    No woman, actress or otherwise, dreams about winning a "sag." See Drew Barrymore, who, inexplicably, decided to go au naturale for an awards show (the Golden Globes, actually. Insert joke here).


    Imagine the silhouette she could have cut if only she was wearing the right bra. "This is an easy problem to solve as any under-wired support bra -- whether plunge, tee shirt or balcony style -- will create lift and support." advises Francesca Luther, Creative Director for lingerie store Myla
    Myla Ella bra, $230, www.mylausa.com

    Too-Much-Info Undies
    It's no secret that Paris has longstanding undie issues. Here's some advice: When it comes to low-rise jeans, a little mystery goes a long way.

    Dan Steinberg, Getty Images

    To avoid the low-rise "oops" (so you can lean over without fear), try the go-to undies Hollywood loves. They're designed to sit lower on the hip and have a 3.5 inch rise (which covers the important bits, but not much more). Cameron Diaz is a fan.
    Hanky Panky Low Rise Signature Lace Thong, $18, www.barenecessities.com

    The Roll No One Wants To Serve
    A muffin top is the result of a too tight pair of pants meeting a not too taut torso, and the condition is exacerbated when your top is also tight, or not quite long enough. It's a fashion foul that Kelly Clarkson has been called on repeatedly.

    The goal: To under-emphasize your muffin and make you feel comfortable even in today's trendy shorter jackets. Check out Yummie Tummie tank tops. Wear them under fitted tops - they won't cling, they're extra long to conceal trouble spots, and they also have a subtle built-in spandex tummy panel. And they're now available in plus sizes!
    Yummie Tummie Hip Length Shaper, $62, www.barenecessities.com

    The Peek-A-Boo Bra
    Gwen Stefani (here with KIngston) can get away with showing off her funky leopard bra underneath a top that has tiny little ties for straps but back here in the real world, bra baring tops -- no matter how cute -- are better saved for hanging out in the backyard.

    Jackson Lee, Splash News