texas longhorns fan in austin, txDo you ever wonder where to find the best dressed men in the country? If you go by budget, the answer is Austin, Texas, which has the highest average household expenditure on men's clothing.
Seriously! According to Women's Wear Daily, as reported in New York Magazine, the average dude in Austin spends $1,788 a year on his duds. And sadly, we usually do mean duds. No one is lining up to hold a fashion show in Texas, no offense, y'all.

Our surprise abated a bit when we remembered that cost doesn't equal quality, or style (well, most of the time it doesn't), and cowboy hats are wicked expensive.

Plus, those cowboys are probably paying full price for their gear, straight off the rack. Whereas the well-dressed gentlemen in New York? Those guys are duking it out over a pile of 50%-off cashmere scarves at Barney's, and then celebrating with $17 appletinis.

Different cities, different budget allocations. Now it all makes sense!