We were recently charmed at (capsule), a PR event that takes place in New York, Paris, and Las Vegas and promotes hot designers, by Naked and Famous Jeans. Why? The above tag. "Fit: Weird Guy." Read on for pics of the jeans!

We were concerned at first, because their other fits for men are "Skinny Guy" and "Slim Guy." Did "Weird Guy" just mean "fat guy?"

We chatted briefly with the adorable Naked and Famous guys (who were not naked and should be famous), and learned that one of them was wearing weird guy, so we snapped some pics. The weird guy fit is low rise and tapered leg, and as you can see, the wearer was in no way fat.

Great jeans, great company. Their website is really cool -- you can turn the jeans around and pull them down on the model, in a playful, non-creepy way. They also make jeans for women. The Weird Guy jeans go for $265 at Barneys.

Naked and Famous Denim

Website pantsing.The tag that charmed us.The Weird Guy FitNot bad from the back either!Weird Guy from Barneys