Native American girl with long pigtailsNo matter how many times school dress code battles make their way into the nation's highest courts, it seems that square principal will never stop trying to force kids to cut their hair -- no matter how totally awesome their style is. The latest example should be a no-brainer: a Native American kindergartner has some totally rockin' hair down to his waist, and says it's part of Apache religious beliefs. Should the school do anything? To any fashion-savvy person, the answer is obvious, because we know that obsessing over hairstyles can be a religion.

At the start of this school year, Adriel Arocha's parents applied for a religious exemption to the schools dress code. That's when his parents were informed that Adriel would have to wear his freakishly cool hair in a single braid and tucked inside his shirt during most school activities.

When Adriel showed up for his first day with not one, but two braids, they did what any reasonable faculty would do -- reinstate the policy of separate but equal. Making Adriel meet privately with teachers, apart from the kids with way less cool haircuts.

Just for some background on the kid: Adriel has never had his hair cut -- total rebel. His father hasn't cut his hair in 11 years, and believes that hair is sacred, only to be cut for major life events. Apparently, starting kindergarten doesn't qualify as a major life event.

Since then the district has been in a protracted battle against the ACLU, resulting in a ridiculously wasteful and stupid loss. Needsville ISD's policy was ruled unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge Keith P. Ellison. Now, Arocha gets to wear his hair loud and proud, Willie Nelson style pigtails protruding out every which way.

Anyways, though you'd enjoy a pointless but cool story about fashion triumphing over the Man.