Ginnifer Goodwin, Big LoveHere's another Big Love premiere look by Ginnifer Goodwin. Compared to Chloe Sevigny's more severe look, Ginnifer is more everyday cutesy than red carpet fashiony. And we love it.

Although we are pretty much over the whole black tights/black shoe thing, we must admit, Ginnifer put this season-long trend to good use by smoothly segueing her summer dress into winter. And about that dress -- the ruffles, the lavender, the floral print – it's a lot but it works! In fact, it works so well, we thinks we'll get one for ourselves. Click through to see where you can Gin's dress!

Lastly, look a little more closely at GG's cute, purple manicure. A must try for spring.

Camilla and Marc dress; Available spring 2009

David Yurman ring, $950; Saks