Tokyoflash's Kisai Keisan aluminum watchesIf you've never heard of Tokyoflash, it's definitely time for you to get acquainted -- because they consistently churn out some of the most cutting-edge watch designs that we've seen. Their latest contribution to world of geek chic timepieces, the Kisai Keisan, is yet another striking piece of futuristic wrist bling. Only a watch so amazingly cool-looking could ask its wearer to actually do math just to find out what time it is.

The watch face on the Kisai Keisan looks more like a bracelet most of the time. The LED numbers appear behind a long convex lens that diffuses and magnifies the low-energy lights, and the aluminum bands come in either silver or black.

To save energy(?), the face remains blank until you press the watch's only button. Then, numbers appear, but not numbers that straightforwardly reflect the time of day -- that would be too easy.

The numbers in each of the four columns must be added up to determine the time. Press the button again and the date appears in the same format. Cute huh?

You know you're making awesome watch designs when you can sell watches that utilize technology to actually make your watches harder to read.

[via BoingBoing]