donatella versaceIf you found yourself without a party to go to this weekend or just felt like being lazy, then more likely than not you probably succombbed to a couple of hours of either aimlessly searching Youtube or blogs.

That said, we know by now you've already stumbled upon the so-called pictures of Donatella Versace topless on some beach in St. Barths. Ugh. Well, turns out the remarkably tanned and wrinkly lady was in fact not, we repeat, not the platinum blonde designer.

In fact, the woman in the now infamous shots is an Italian countess who has lived on the beach for ten years now and is widely cited as Dontella's doppelgänger. So yeah. Dontella didn't show off her lady bits, but still, we're mightily disgusted. Yuck!

[via Just Jared]