Fergie, Miley Cyrus, JeansFor those that believe in the evolution of fashion, skinny jeans are on their way out the door. Or are they?

While it can be said that there are certainly jeans that are more popular than others at any given time, classic cuts, like the skinny, never fully go out of style.

Seriously! Take a look back through fashion history and you'll see that there is a certain way of dress that is always "in," no matter what's going on in the trend world. This way of dress is known as "style." Introduce yourself to it. Get to know it.

So how does "style" fit in with your now totally uncool skinnies? Well consider the history of the skinny jean (also known as straight legged, peg leg, cigarettes, tapered, and drainpipes):

Skinny Jeans Forever!

A Teenager, 1953Two Hippies, 1967Breakdancer, 1982Princess Diana, 1992Ciara, 2008

Now that you know, feel free to keep those skinnies around!