skin careWeek 4 was entitled "Foods that Stimulate Collagen Growth." But it was more or less a lesson on supplements and vitamins, some of which you can get from foods, while others are better in tablet form. Nonetheless, we began taking this handful of vitamins every single day this week and bam! Energy up! Glowing skin up! And fine lines and sun spots, nearly gone!

This week Rose taught us that, try as you might, it is nearly impossible to get all of the nutrients you need in a day's worth of food. She filled us in on six vitamins/minerals/whatever, that you can take for a number of reason that include: all out war on free radicals, super antioxidant power, turning back the 'damage' clock, and amazing skin renewal – to name a few.

So by now you're probably wondering what these six vitamins are. If I told you all six, I'd have to kill you. So I'll just give you half.

1. Vitamin C: This little vitamin helps reduce infection and inflammation while protecting skin, preventing damage, evening pigment, and helping it glow. While your "One a Day" vitamin probably says 100% daily dose on it, that is a very bare minimum figure. Rose suggests way more than that – anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 mg per day to get the desired effect.

2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D boosts the immune system, wards off depression and heart disease and greatly improves skin. And the absolute best way to get D is from the sun, no questions asked. But since we've all been scared silly by the sun lately and are slathered in sunscreen 24/7, doctors have found that America now has a Vitamin D deficiency. So Rose suggests about 15 minutes of sunshine everyday – sans sunscreen. Now, obviously, you never want to burn your skin. But 15 to 20 minutes unprotected is actually incredibly beneficial. Out there any longer, then slather up. Too cold outside for sun right now? Then try a tanning bed. Seriously! But start very slow and build up to about five minutes each session, up to three times a week.

3. CO Q 10: Yeah, we never heard of this one either. But, along with its insane heart healthy benefits, it dramatically turns back the clock on health and skin. And I believe it – nearly all of my little freckles and sunspots are completely gone. Just compare the Week 3 pic to this week's and you'll see what I mean!

Curious about the other three suggestions (one of which actually re-introduces muscle tone beneath your skin while another literally minimizes pores)? Don't hesitate to ask Rose for yourself right here.

PS - I am finally done my Food Intolerance cleanse. I began to add in 100% natural wheat bread and milk, so we'll see what changes occur and if I find any intolerances. Also, tune in next for Week 5 "Foods that Slow Down Aging." Should be a good one!