pantene midnight expressionsAs we've mentioned, we favor a rather seriously dark shade of dark hair. As our fellow raven-haired sisters understand, heavy chemical treatment can pose a challenge when it comes to keeping our tresses shining.

Of course, there are several pigment enhancing shampoos and conditioners you can pick up in salons, but they can run $30 -- or more! -- for a bottle of the stuff. So we're very pleased to have found a drugstore version: Pantene Midnight Expressions, or as we like to call it, Frugal Goth Shampoo and Conditioner.

It's a pretty straightforward win. All of the usual great-smelling shine and manageability that you always get from Pantene, plus it gives your color that bit of boost that helps you make it through the week before your next appointment.

It's almost impossible to find online, and the internet is filled with the cries of dark-haired fans searching for their beauty secret. Good news, though, you can get it IRL at drugstores.

We understand how much Goths hate leaving the house -- really, we do -- but at $5.49 a bottle, we think it's worth it to keep your coif dark and lovely.

And yes, if you seriously can't handle the fresh air and people contact, you can order it on Amazon.