The KGB (not really)Googling can be so time-consuming. If only there were someone to do it for us. Oh wait! The KGB!

"The KGB?" you might ask. "The sketchy Soviet Union intelligence agency?"

"No." We would say. KGB is a new company that will answer all your questions for you via text message. This is perfect if you 1. Don't have Google abilities on your phone or 2. Don't have time to Google, that's for peasants.

Over at KGB they have actual, real-live human beings sitting around to find the answers to your questions. They don't even have to be fact-related questions. We asked "Should I wear my red dress or my blue dress tonight" and they replied "Blue. Studies show that the color blue makes you look confident and makes others more comfortable around you."

Cool! That's actually pretty useful! KGB can tell you how much alligator shoes tend to cost, where the closest Anthropologie is, whatever you want. We also dug up info on ourselves. KGBing yourself is totally the new Googling yourself. They even found our personal blogs!

We asked a lot of different types of questions. When we asked for George Clooney's phone number, they said he doesn't give it out, but gave us his fan mail address. When we asked for cheap photocopies in NYC, they found us a place less expensive than Kinkos (but still more expensive than the mom and pop shops with no websites). When we asked how to make a meth lab in our kitchens, they said they couldn't answer that type of question, and there'd be no charge.

Charge, you ask? Yes. They charge you 50 cents per answer. Text kgbkgb (that's 542542 for those of you experiencing Blackberry fail) for more information, or visit their cool website, where you can actually see what people are asking scroll across the screen!

Our favorite was when we texted them "Do you think I'm pretty, KGB? Be honest" and they said "We all took a vote here at the office and decided that you are super hot! We'd love to look as great as you."

Sense of humor -- epic win.