Mila JovovichWe have seen starlets like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, and Milla Jovovich (shown) sporting fancy head pieces for some time. At first, frankly, they scared us. But now, like a fungus, they have grown on us, so much so that we have to try one.

But there are so many questions – How do we wear our hair? How to place the band? And most importantly, how stupid will we look?

Admittedly, the ridiculousness factor is high for something like this. But follow these easy steps and you'll look flawless.

How To:

1. Blow hair straight. Key: Use a round brush so you get volume at the roots.

2. At about ear level, use an iron to get your tresses pin straight. Key: Starting a few inches from the roots will safeguard the volume your round brush created.

3. Take either an actually headpiece, headband, or even a necklace and place it about ½ inch from the hairline.

4. Loop the headpiece back just below the crown and knot.

5. Pin with bobby pins. Key: Cross pins into an "X." They just hold better that way.

Final tip: Many stars wear their headpieces across the forehead, ala Mary Kate Olsen – noted. But, unless it's a scarf and you're at the beach, please, just don't.