Jennifer Aniston certainly got people talking with her nude GQ spread -- in fact, she prompted us to ask whether the it was sexy and stunning, or a little sad and desperate. And now, she's been offered a record-breaking deal to pose for Playboy.

The deal is reportedly for $4 million, plus a percentage deal which could raise her payday to $10 million ... and, Jen turned it down.

We're not too surprised that Hef was interested in Jennifer after seeing that GQ spread. Heck, who wasn't? But we're also pretty happy she turned the offer down, apparently because she sees GQ as art, but Playboy is sex.

Jennifer Aniston: Stunning or Sad?

    At 39-years-old, America's favorite romantically-challenged TV icon has still got it. Jennifer Aniston appears on the cover of this month's GQ in barely more than her birthday suit -- but, while she obviously looks gorgeous, we have to wonder: Does this seem a little desperate to anyone else?

    Because if you'll remember, Jen's been "revealing" that she's still a little bitter about her Brangelina-induced break-up -- particularly the part where Angie and Brad fell for one another while he and Jen were still married.

    Not like that it wasn't totally obvious to the rest of us, but when your ex-husband's new super-hot girlfriend publicly proclaims that he wasn't faithful to you, that's gotta sting.

    Of course it wasn't always this way. In the 90's Jennifer Aniston was the center of the universe -- with every man in Hollywood (and beyond) dying for a date with the adorable girl next door.

    So when she hooked up with Brad Pitt -- arguably the most desirable man on the planet -- it was a romance that we'd once thought was only possible in fairy tales and impossible romantic comedies.

    But by January 2005, that fairy tale crumbled to pieces. Brad and Jen had been sordidly usurped by Brad and Angie, who'd met on the set of their sexy thriller, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. By November of that year Jen was on the comeback trail, showing the world she was over the break-up by showing some skin as GQ's first "Woman of the Year."

    And for a moment, things looked good. Maybe Vince Vaughn wasn't just a rebound guy after all. Sure they seemed totally wrong for one another, but if they were getting married then clearly it'd all worked out for the best. Hooray! The dumped girl has been cured!

    Oh wait. Maybe not. It seems Jen wasn't ready to accept that she'd fallen from "World's Most Desirable Heartthrob" to "That Chubby Guy You Met in Line for Pretzels at the Knicks Game." And of course rumors start to circulate that she's romantically illiterate and will never find love.

    And just for fun, in December 2006, almost two years after Brad and Jen had bombed, our heroine, unlucky in love, gets to relive her failed marriage while suffering through a failed engagement. Awesome!

    And that led to a few pretty lonely months. Jen dated some random guy no one had ever heard of -- and it still didn't work out -- but by that point the world had grown weary of the eminent disaster that was every Jennifer Aniston relationship.

    OK, time to triumph over tragedy! In November 2007 we met the new Jennifer Aniston -- ready to break free from botched marriages, engagements, friendships, and whatever -- set to devour life as a confident, secure, totally not needy (so there's no reason to be scared of marrying me!) woman in the prime of her life.