Yes, Axe is technically a male grooming line but their new AXE Recovery Shower Gel Invigorating Electrolytes is simply too good to leave to the boys alone.

Part of a new Axe line designed to fix any dirty little issue a guy may have, Recovery is loaded with electrolytes to help revive you after any type of over indulgence (hint: we hear it's goes very well with a cup of coffee and aspirin). With its sunny color and light citrus scent Recovery is like scrubbing down in Gatorade...but in a good way! We like to think of it as the boyfriend jean of body wash. Sure, it may be a little less glam than what you usually rock, but totally it's comforting and definitively what you want to put on after a late night.

What other dirty deeds is Axe looking to fix? Check out to find out what it means if you discover Shock, Fever or Snake Peel (yes, you read that right, Snake Peel) in your guy's shower.