T3 Refresh volumizing dry shampooLately we've been discovering all kinds of exciting new hair products. Just the other day we were at Sephora stocking up on our fav Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo, and the very helpful sales clerk turned us on to our new fav: T3 Refresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo.
When we placed the can of Oscar Blandi Pronto on the counter, she took a look at our super-dark locks (it's espresso, not black, according to our divine stylist, Megan), and asked if we ever tried the tinted dry shampoo, since the powdery white Oscar Blandi can make you look like a dandruff victim if you fail to really work it into your hair.

Totally intrigued, of course we had to try the darkest color available!

The T3 Refresh is actually very different from the Oscar Blandi Pronto. They both smell good, and they both give volume to limp, oily locks, but that's where the similarities end. While the Oscar Blandi Pronto makes your hair smooth, the T3 Refresh works more like a texturizing spray, more like a hairspray, but without getting clumpy or sticky.

You spray it on the roots, and the directions tell you to give it a shot of heat with a hair dryer. We also tried it without the heat, and that worked, too. You get instant volume, and if you engage in a little backcombing, you get incredible volume. And it stays!

Seriously, this is the best product we've ever used for styles like beehives or big punk rock hair. We even stuck everything up in a ponytail and went to the gym, and after a relatively sweaty workout our hair still looked full and wavy!

The one downside is that this a very matte product, so if you're into smooth, shiny, glossy hair, you'll want to stick with the Oscar Blandi Pronto. As for us, we'll take both.

The T3 Refresh comes in three tints: light, dark and auburn and costs $25.