Aretha Franklin singing at the opening bell of the NY Stock ExchangeOk, maybe we were a little too hard on Aretha Franklin for what we perceive to be a millinery mishap at the inauguration. The bow wasn't really that huge. This week, we are totally incensed on Aretha's behalf, because some fur-punk decided to deface her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That's just flat out going too far. Insulting her choice in headgear is one thing, but desecrating the greatness of a soul legend by scrawling "Fur Hag" on her star ... that's just wrong.

This is by no means the first time Aretha has run afoul of fur hating groups. Last spring, PETA taunted the artist, offering to pay off her troubled mortgage in exchange for a vow to never wear animals ever again.

In honor of Aretha Franklin and to show solidarity with her fur loving ways, We encourage anyone who loves hats with giant bows, fur coats, and or classic R&B music to abstain from purchasing any pleather or faux-fur products until the vandals have been brought to justice in Judge Judy's Court -- or a similar court of record.

[via PerezHilton]