Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is wasting no time in becoming America's newest sweetheart. She had us all on her side when she described how her boyfriend, Joe Jonas, dumped her in a 27 second phone conversation, and she's obviously won over the music industry with a number of crossover hits. And now, she's taking on the fashion world by launching an affordable line of dresses.

When we say affordable, we mean it. The teenager is working with L.E.I. to create a line of sundresses that will have a price point starting at just $14! The dresses will be sold at WalMart starting February 1, and Swift couldn't be more thrilled, saying:

"I started brainstorming what I would wear this summer, on tour or hanging out at festivals when it's hot outside. I was totally adamant that I wanted [the dresses] to be affordable. With my headlining tour, we are offering $20 tickets everywhere we go and I wanted to approach the sundress line in the same way. To have cute dresses under $20 is something I am really proud of."

We can see these dresses being a huge hit with the tween and young teen demographic, for sure, and we love the fact that Taylor's looking out for her fans. We're pretty excited to see what the line offers -- how about you?