Punk Rocker Justin Tranter's custom bootsA lot of trends have been trying to work their way across the gender divide these days, with varying degrees of success. For cross gender fashion successes, you need only to look at the makeup counter to see that manscara, guyliner, and foundations are all being received at some level ... and we've heard nothing but rave reviews about mantyhose. Still, are men ever going to warm up to Stuart Weitzman's custom made man heels?

Although Justin Tranter, the lead singer of New York-based the Semi Precious Weapons, may find that Weitzman's custom-made boots -- or "moots" as they are being called -- "make my amazing legs look even better." That might be exactly why most dudes don't want a pair of high heeled boots.

Generally, in machismo culture, the closest thing to heels that most men find acceptable are boots. The male stilletto is the cowboy boot. That's it. That's about as far as it goes in men's fashion -- unless you're wearing a costume.

If you're really looking to make a statement with your boots, you can try to pull off the challenging but pervasive boots-outside-the-jeans look. We can't recommend the heels look -- it's just not functional enough for menswear. What do you think?

[via TheFrisky]