Superman Obama

There's a popular photo floating around the internets of President Obama (pre-president days) posing in front of a statue of Superman. Anyone would have done it. The thing is, Barack Obama and Smallville's favorite son might have more in common than fighting evil. Word is that the president might be able to stop bullets, ala Superman, but his doing so has more to do with the fabric on the man, not of him.

We've told you before about the latest in "bullet-resistant clothing" and now there is some speculation that President Obama, husband to the First Fashionista Michelle Obama, was wearing a bullet-proof suit during his inauguration. And you know, he made it work. is the site that reported the information, but as you might imagine websites ranging from science fiction to politics (and of course style and fashion) are running with the story. If it's true then we're even bigger fans of the material than we once were; not only is it awesome in function, but also in appearance and that isn't as common in this business as it should be.

The other theory is that Obama's powers come from our yellow sun. It could happen.

[via engadget]