Olive OylMiss SixtyReady to bring back some 80's memories? Then check out the new Olive Oyl collection from the trend-setting collaboration between Miss Sixty and King Features.

The collection nods to the recent reemergence of the colorful decade while it still plays on the typical fierce, free-spirited, and flamboyant Miss Sixty girl with plenty of embellishment, neon color and even an Andy Warhol Pop Art reference.

As Director of Marketing for King Features Alissa Peck boasts, "Olive Oyl, with her sassy attitude and flair for the dramatic and flirty, personifies Miss Sixty's fearless approach to fashion. Like Miss Sixty, Olive Oyl is both ironic in her style and iconic as an international superstar."

The Miss Sixty Olive Oyl collection retails between $79 - $99. Snag your tee today at Miss Sixty.