Boydie Beener"Foods That Slow Down Aging" was the title of Week 5. Sounds intriguing right? Well it was! Most of the lesson hinted at the downright obvious but Rose threw in a few twists for good measure.

As for all of those supplements and suntans from Week 4? They've got Boydie feelin' good!

Seriously, though, my action steps from last week were to begin taking all of the suggested supplements. When I saw how many bottles were filling my cabinet, I almost fell over. But, I've quickly learned taking the extra five minutes each day to take supplements can do a world of wonder. I feel great! The "crud" has even been going around my house but I didn't get it. Which I think I owe, in large part, to all of these vitamins and nutrients I am now getting.

I also took Rose up on the SPF free sun time (check out the recent article in Vogue on this too!) -- even though I was scared out of my mind I'd come in completely sun spotted. But I didn't. And my pasty skin has a nice, healthy little dose of color now. But after my 15 minutes of fun in the sun is up, you better believe it I caked that sunscreen on faster than you can even say "wrinkles!" I'm also feeling more optimistic -- even about the freezing weather and snow covered ground -- which for me, (in regards to the winter anyway) is completely off but wonderful at the same time.

So onto Week 5's advice. "A good diet is one of the most important factors for good skin" and "you want to get the highest nutritional content out of the smallest square inch of food that you can," just about sums it up. Rose taught us why organic makes a difference, which proteins are best, and the foods that completely destroy your skin (hint – sugar is one of them!). She also gave us tips on batching food, foods to eat at each meal, and a few recipes (au naturale chocolate pudding included!). Yup, she makes it nice and easy for us.

In order to really grasp why preservative free, organic is better, we were asked to watch the movie "King Corn." I haven't gotten to it yet but, after reading the summary, I'm scared I may never want to eat processed food again – which is a good thing I guess! I'll let you know in the Week 6 update how that goes.

And lastly, we were taught the good old "eat five small meals a day" strategy which helps to keep energy levels up, the metabolism burning and, as a bonus, aids in weight loss. And I can vouch that after a week of this, my favorite jeans are so baggy in the butt I think they might need to retire – a very bittersweet ending to Week 5.

Stay tuned for Week 6 "Food Formulas For Younger Skin," wherein we'll learn all about the way you eat and digest, enzymes, and why this is all so important in regards to your metabolism and your skin.

Note: If I look a little extra tired in this pic (which I always take about 10 minutes after waking up), I definitely had a little cheat time with the Super Bowl yesterday. And if you did the same, don't fall off the wagon after a little slip up! The key is to immediately forgive, forget, and start over with your healthy eating the next day.