Marilyn MonroeTyra Banks swears on her mother, literally, that this beauty trick works. Even silver screen queen Marilyn Monroe used to swear by it. But does it really work? And should you really use it nightly?

According to NYC derm, Paul Jarrod Frank, "Petroleum jelly is the strongest moisturizer there is because it forces oils into the skin and prevents them from evaporating." So far so good right? Well, yes and no. If you slather your face with good, essential oils and then cake on Vaseline, it will definitely help those oils penetrate. But it will also help those not so good oils penetrate too. Plus, it's "so greasy it can create other problems... including breakouts."

So should you use it? If your skin can take a greasy formula without breaking out, we say sure, why not? After all, it came straight from the doctor's mouth that it's the best (and cheapest) moisturizer around. But for those that breakout easily, sorry Charlie, this stuff just isn't for you. Go for something oil free and you'll reap the benefits.

Via Real Simple