dakota fanning
Back in the day, Dakota Fanning was the twee little girl who probably knew more SAT words than you, but it was okay because she was such a talented actress. Then, she went through a slightly less cute phase, and we sort of lost interest. What can we say? We're fickle. However, Little Miss Fanning is back in the spotlight, and the girl absolutely knows how to be a girl -- she's been rocking the red carpet in a totally appropriate manner, and that's something that doesn't seem to happen often with young Hollywood actresses.

The dress she wore to the premiere of "Push" is no exception -- it's cute, and maybe a little sexy, but not in a squicky way. In the way we'd want to dress if we were also about to turn 15.

Anyway, we think this is a look anyone could achieve, and it's easy to modify it so that it will work for those of us who haven't been 15 for ... well, for a while. Check out the gallery to see how!

Get Dakota's "Pushy" Look!

#1 The Dress#2  The Shoes#3  Hair and Makeup#4  The BlingWhat do you think?