Not ready to forego your hair care appliance arsenal but want reduce your carbon footprint? Thanks to 2 enterprising hair companies, you'll soon be able to!

Top tress company Rusk is creating an eco-friendly line of hair appliances with their "Go Green" line, available in April. A new straightening iron, called Str8, has an "Intelligent Energy-Saving Hibernate Mode," which will turn the iron off after 10 minutes of being left on without use. Once it's lifted again, it will immediately reheat. Sounds smart! Also, the petroleum-free plates require less oil consumption in production.

Rusk's "Go Green" Blow Dryer uses 23% less energy than Rusk's original dryers (but delivers an equal performance) and boasts eco-friendly paint (or no paint) on the outer housing of the dryer. It also uses recycled packaging. Both will be available for $135.99 at Ulta.

In March, FHI Heat will introduce their Do More: Earth Iron to benefit Trees for the Future, an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities around the globe plant trees. Featuring green, 1-inch plates that heat to 410 degrees, each iron purchased will allow 10 new trees to be planted. They'll be available for $120 at PureBeauty.

Kudos to Rusk and FHI for taking care of Mother Earth. As long as they stay away from a "Go Green" hair color line, we think they'll be just fine.

- Melissa Foss