Katie Holmes, Tom CruiseAlthough we couldn't find any photos of Katie not clinging to husband Tom Cruise (lame), we did think she looked supremely stunning in this sparkly gown and strappy sandals. Tom sure likes 'em tall, doesn't he?

So in this here pic, Katie is wearing Escada. Let us kick a knowledge your way – Escada was the brand in the 80s/early 90s and was worn by all of the hot, sexy supermodels of the era. Today, the brand is making a comeback and has even recruited one of the original 80's faces, Christy Turlington, to promote its contemporary collection. Boo yah!

While we do think the dress might be a little old for Katie (she's 29 but maybe dresses like she's 40?), she still looks fantastic, so, props, girlfriend.

Escada dress, Priced upon request.