Shampoo and conditioners at Wal MartDon't you just love the silky-smooth, volumized, and moisturized feeling your hair gets after you wash it with your favorite shampoo and conditioner? Could it really be possible that your hair products are killing you very slowly, day by day? According to Canadian health and environmental officials, probably not. Still, they've decided to ban two ingredients -- D4 and D5 (the ones credited with giving you that "silky smooth" feeling) -- found in hundreds of hair and skin-care products anyway. Just to be safe.

After extensive research and animal testing (soo not PC) the Canadian government failed to find any link between the compound and cancer or any other health problems, but they decided to list the ingredients as toxic because the conceivably pose a risk to wildlife -- both in their production and disposal.

So, all of you Canadian brand loyalists, please be advised. You're favorite shampoo and condition will be changing their formulas very soon if they happen to contain either of the mysterious compounds D4 or D5. Then, you might have to travel to the US just to get that soft, silky hair that you've grown accustomed to.

It may not be the greenest thing to do, but now is probably the time go out and stock up on all of your favorite toxic hair and skin care products.

Just to be fair and balanced, the Virginia-based Silicones Environmental Health and Safety Council of North America (lobbyists) believe that after testing is complete, the Candian government will find that they're silky-smooth D4 and D5 compounds are completely safe.

[via Treehugger]