new balanceWe admit, we used to work out in our oldest, most comfortable (sometimes most holey) sweats. But that all changed once we road tested some of New Balance's innovative, not to mention stylish, new gear.

While we definitely looked fly while doing, well, flies, we were also super intrigued by the brand's new Cocona fabric. A derivative of coconut shells (crazy, right?), this new technology provides a laundry list of benefits including:

• Evaporative cooling

UV protection

Odor resistance

• Durability

• Comfort


As if that weren't enough, the Burnout tee that we reviewed (by running a good four miles), was ultra soft and actually had reflective qualities – perfect for those long walks on steamy summer nights. And it goes without saying that we looked super cute in the teal top that totally complemented our baby blues. We are happy to say that we now feel much more stylish than our former sweatsuit selves ever did.